Marble at the Apex of design


At the height of design, Apex is a play on freedom, art and material. The monumental piece is made of strength and grace, purity and contamination, rigidity and flexibility. It can be disassembled and reassembled where the marble points upward, where design becomes art.

The Material

We choose the best marble and transform it into a physical, sensorial and emotional experience. We reinterpret Material for design so that shape, aesthetics and function can become a whole. The infinite possibilities of marble are visible here, in the playfulness of having the complete freedom to create. The union of craftsmanship and industry, old knowledge and new technology becomes an instrument of design.

The Design

The idea, the architecture, the design. In collaboration with GDG, Scalvinimarmi enters the world of design, restoring its maximum freedom of expression, because that’s where we can reach the Apex. We looked forward, toward design, letting it guide us with a precise plan, and we are proud of what we have achieved.

The Piece

Apex is freedom, power, playfulness, connection. It is a symbol of what we can achieve, the highest summit. But its lightness contrasts with the strength of the Material, leaving you shocked and inspiring you to think.
We’ll reach the Apex on September 25, 2019 at Marmomac.

Info and Contacts

Apex is more than a sculpture. It is a place of integration, a square, an event, a symbol. But it is not meant to stay there. It can be placed wherever you wish. Apex will be exhibited for the first time at Marmomac, but it could be relocated to your company, home or square forever.

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